featured in DIASPORA DRAMA

“Tired of using adjectives.

“Story of my life, searching for the right but it keeps avoiding me.” 
“I have been here many times before,
“the need to destroy things creeps up on me every time;
“and the more I see, the less I grow, the fewer the seeds the more I sow.
“So far removed from all that we went through.

“To be accepted, I must blend into convention's way.” 
“Nobody helps a liar.
“Carrying lies is a task,
“and i'm not my perspective, or the lies i'll tell you every time.
“Pretending those words were not mine

“All the immediate unknowns are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate.
“Embarrassed by your obvious indifference.

“Go up to where they're blind to mistakes.
“I'd rather move on.
“All of your failures are training grounds,”
“and all I can do is try.”